Kirsten Magazine


Kirsten is a small team based in Paris and Warsaw.
We are not perfect and we do not pretend to be but we are willing to carry out a project that will gather us all and push us to action around one goal - aid.
We create a lifestyle magazine, we love fashion, art, travel and automobiles.

The last issue

Kirsten #8

Cover by Nicole Hoschke

We are very happy to announce the release of this new issue!

Take a moment to have a look!




True & False

Photographer & retoucher Kevin Paumier @kevinpaumier1

Assistant Barbara Klupa @klupabasia

Model Victoria Montagne

Hair & make-up artist Ophélie Sueur @ophe_sweat 

Location Paris, France


Paris Fashion Week

Photographer Guillaume Oster @osterg75

Brands INGIE Paris @ingieparis  Redemption @redemptionofficial Leonard Paris @leonardparis

Collection Fall Winter 2020



Photo & text by Konrad Konieczny, translated by Barbara Klupa and Hanna Klupa

Our philosophy

Since the very beginning, our philosophy has been the same. To create a magazine with passion while helping the world around us. That’s why 50% of our profits go to charity campaigns: to save animals, to fight against diseases, to fight for human rights, to support environment movements, etc.