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Kirsten is a small team based in Paris and Warsaw.
We are not perfect and we do not pretend to be but we are willing to carry out a project that will gather us all and push us to action around one goal - aid.
We create a lifestyle magazine, we love fashion, art, travel and automobiles.

The last issue

Kirsten #6

Cover by Olivier Merzoug

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We are very happy to announce the release of this new issue!

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interview - olivier merzoug


Olivier Merzoug, a photographer  who has a wide range of works: fashion,  beauty, artistic or nude photos . The amazing quality is omnipresent in his photographs. In this issue, we decided to highlight this artist and to show you his artistic work called "Into the Light" and his other work named "Face 2 Face". When we received the photos from Olivier, it seemed logical that he would become the author of our new cover. The work offered by Oliver and his entire team is sublime. Discover the interview in our new issue!

Actuality - Fashion week



Rendez-vous with some models and photographers for some funny pictures. Discover all photos from after the fashion show in our new issue!


Actuality - Vogue Polska

Happy Birthday Vogue Polska

We were at the Vogue Festival, in the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, to celebrate the first anniversary of "Vogue Polska". 

Our philosophy

Since the very beginning, our philosophy has been the same. To create a magazine with passion while helping the world around us. That’s why 50% of our profits go to charity campaigns: to save animals, to fight against diseases, to fight for human rights, to support environment movements, etc.