Kirsten #6

We are very happy to announce the release of our new issue!
Many things have changed. We decided to invest more in international development, create our website and grow our social media. We’ve also decided to donate 50% of our profits to charitable organizations!



There have been more than 2.500 people to view the issue #4 and the adventure continues with the issue #5.


Kirsten #4

The 4th issue for the summer. 3 covers are available, a self-portrait by the talented Elise Crespin, a black and white photo on the beach with Eliya Ca, and a limited edition cover with a picture of our French couple Alizée & Maxime


The third issue of Kirsten Magazine. With again and again lot of talented photographers, stylists, make up/hair artists, models... 


Kirsten #2

We are happy to show you this second edition. It’s more complete than the first one; you will find a lot more pictures of different artistic and talented teams in Europe as well as in the United States.


Peace Love Fashion Art, The first edition is a test, a try, to see your reactions, your reviews, if it is worth carrying on our adventure.